Author: t_kadiyala Created: September 14, 2020 Last Updated: September 24, 2020 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Action Comedy Fantasy Mystery Romance Rating: N/A ✰
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Soren's a boy who lost his mother from the day he was born. Somehow, he had gotten it into his head that the King was at fault. Growing up in constant hatred of a man who had never seen, the day had finally come for him to take a glimpse. But once he got to the royal region of Ifera and entered the King's lands in Canaria, all he took noticed of was a cotton candy haired individual by the name of Princess Aaliyah Tiararose Ebony Nightingale, the royal princess and firstborn child to the King. But to Soren, all he had seen when he had a glimpse of the pretty princess was a naughty noble who was scaling the palace's wall. So what else could he do was whisk her away? (Under HEAVY editing, so if there's a part you don't realize, then it's probably gone :( )