Author: t_kadiyala Created: September 14, 2020 Last Updated: September 24, 2020 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life

Yakitori Yena's a romanticist, she always has been. But somehow, she's just a bit dense. Unknowing of the many guys who think of her as 'cute' and such, she always just friend-zones them without knowing their true feelings. But then Mizuki Rintarou shows up, ruining every boy's chances with any girl in the school building. Sooner or later, Yena catches Rin's eye, so he (of course) tries to charm her, doing everything he possible to make her fall in love. But Yena, a completely dense individual, just looks at Rin as a close friend, someone who does everything for her without her even asking. Sooner or later, Rin finds out charming Yena is useless, but somehow finds himself drawn to the girl over and over again until he finds out the actual problem: he's in love.