Author: SophiaMorning Created: August 07, 2020 Last Updated: September 13, 2020 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Adventure Historical Psychological Sci Fi

Kallipolis is a city of justice. The Iron and Bronze classes live in peace and harmony, creating businesses, running laboratories, and publishing Guardian-approved literature, art, and music. The Silver class defends the city with the courage and bravery of wolves, keeping Kallipolis free from the tyranny of surrounding city-states. And the Gold class rules perfectly with the long arm of justice, the Guardians ensuring the safety and prosperity of their citizenry. Simin's world is just. She and her fellow Silver Auxiliaries are parts of the whole; like every citizen, she upholds the laws of her Guardians while separating from every other class. A narrative refutation of Plato's "The Republic."