Author: Sarah John Created: August 30, 2021 Last Updated: September 04, 2021 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Adventure Fantasy Romance Supernatural

The four masters of the elements, Zephyr, Emberleigh, Llyr, and Delphine, are tasked with defeating the formidable Ophidian League, a band of warriors who have sworn to follow their leader, an evil sorcerer, to the death if they have to. Unity between the four elements is the only thing that can defeat the Ophidian League, which has the powers of chaos and natural disasters on their side. But, with an ancient force threatening to take over their minds, and one of the elementals' masters working with the enemy, unity seems like the last thing they can accomplish. Is there any hope left? All Rights Reserved I do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission. Highest Ranking: #4 in teenage-romance