Author: Kashie_02 Created: January 26, 2021 Last Updated: January 26, 2021 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery Sci Fi Supernatural

After a great event that nearly destroyed the world, a great being sealed six evils that threatened to bring ruin and destruction in exchange for its own lifeforce. Before it disappeared, it reshaped the world and created Pangea, leaving behind a new slate for the survivors to live in. Eons have passed and the inhabitants of Pangea managed to live harmonious lives, living true to the hopes of the great being. However, a new threat looms over Pangea, for the seal that houses the six great evils has weakened. These six evils managed to let some of their powers out and corrupted some of the inhabitants of Pangea, turning them into beings of darkness. With these new beings empowered by such wicked magics, it is only a matter of time before the end of Pangea is heralded.