Author: dance1277 Created: December 11, 2020 Last Updated: January 15, 2021 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Supernatural

Reina Vellard was a princess; not a soft one adorned in gowns and jewelry, but blades and kills. Heir to the kingdom of Alynthi, her mother had groomed her on how to be the perfect queen. But Reina could never be just a queen, not with the spirit of a warrior. She has battled assassins, pirates, and soldiers and won. She is the heir and flame of her kingdom, the beloved princess. But this princess has some deadly secrets. And when the darkness falls over the kingdom, who will she become to save her people? A warrior A princess A queen Or the enemy? As Reina battles with the secret that could destroy her, she delves deeper into a world of dark mysteries that threaten to pull her away from the very people she sacrificed everything to save.