Author: Amal Clare Created: November 26, 2020 Last Updated: November 30, 2020 Status: Ongoing
Tags: Action Adventure Mystery Romance Sci Fi Supernatural

Two months away from her graduation day, all Cerise wants is to keep up her grades, continue inventing, and somehow manage to pay off her rent. The fact that she's Paris's secret thief by night makes life all the more exciting. That is, until she gets caught by her stepmother. The last person she wants anything to do with and the president. Her freedom from years in jail comes with a price-stealing from the Drakhenae. Despite the confusing tension and rough history between the two races, and the fact that to humans, the Drakhenae are predators, more reptile than human with their leathery wings, slit pupils and the scales on their cheeks, Cerise agrees to go. Her heist goes wrong, and she gets caught by Everard, infuriating, confusing, drop dead gorgeous Drakhenae.