Author: Amal Clare Created: October 22, 2020 Last Updated: November 04, 2020 Status: Completed
Tags: Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance Supernatural

Eliane Warner is a canora, a half breed of the two kingdoms Senera and Bard. She doesn't trust anything that isn't dead. In life, she has one goal-find her parent's killers and make them suffer, all except the king of Bard, because he's unreachable. After an unexpected twist of events, she assumes a role in the palace of the king. Eliane wants to get rid of the mask she wears and kill the king once and for all, except with biding her time, she meets others who can help her. She doesn't realize that she is slowly letting her guard down, and people in. And too late, she realizes that the handsome prince, the son of her sword enemy, with his midnight black locks and bright blue eyes somehow becomes the person she is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for.