Part 3

I am like a bird.

Stuck in a cage,

with feathers of moonlight and silver,

able to fly, 

but being weighed down by others.

My soul is the wind.

I cannot control my capture,

but I can wish for the day,

that I get to ride those winds

to the top of a mountain peak

and scream with joy.


I think of love as the most beautiful thing on this planet.

It is choosing to be with someone,

without any reason.

It is staying in bed to eat donuts,

even when you have a million things to do. 

It is looking at someone the way the 

moon looks at the sun

and knowing that not even 

gravity could pull you apart.

It is holding someone while they sleep as if

they are glass

and could shatter with one movement. 

It is lazily running your fingers

through their hair and thinking that

there is nothing more glorious

than the feeling of their warmth

and the softness of their hair.

It is making a permanent hole in your heart

for the person to crawl into 

when they need you most.

It is freedom.

A little kiss of the wind,

not given to most. 

Love’s a funny little thing.

If you find it,

hold on.

Hold on with all of your might.

And never let go.

There is no sweeter thing than,

the sound of laughter

from the person you love the most. 

The person you would follow anywhere. 

The one person you would follow into the depths of hell,

and laugh at the devil with. 

Depression is a little secret

my mirror and I share.

People always look through us,


instead of looking within us.