Part 1

how often i’ve wondered what your laugh tastes like.

would it be like smooth honey?

the kind that makes you feel sick in too high a quantity?

no, that would be impossible,

for i could never tire of your joy.

i believe it would taste like the stars,

like eternity and the brightest light,

like the very fabric of the universe,

the very fabric of myself.




why isn’t it forbidden?

to love another so much,

as to forget yourself in the process?




in the corners of my mind,

i see you smiling,

that dazzling display of white, pointed teeth,

with dimples honed by years of happiness.

though i may seek another to warm my body,

you are the one that warms my soul.

i carry you within me.

i carry you without me.

it is not so much a choice,

to love one with such passion,

as to never be able to escape the feeling of

their painful absence.


love eternal