The Apple of My Eye by snmurillo25 July 11, 2021

Chapter Six - Stellina

After giving Tim a hug, I turn to walk into Dr. Felix's classroom.

"Stellie! It's been so long, OMG! How have you been?" Dr. Felix screams the second I step into her room. 

"AHHH DR. FELIX!!!" I run to her and give her a huge hug. "I've been good, how have you been?"

"Good, good! So you're back for A level now aren't ya? You did so good at AS level, very few students get an A on the exam." 

"Yeah, I'm super excited. I wanted to take A Level last year but my mom wouldn't let me…"

“That sucks, but at least you’re here now!” 

“Yes, yes. And what’s better is that most of my friends took AS Level with you last year, so now I get to be with them,” I say while smiling, happier than ever. 

“Ahh, so now I have the whole gang with me- which ones are your friends?” 

“Lily, Dylan, David, and Haylee are people that I know for sure that are in here haha- they’re like, my best friends-” I laugh. 

“Ahh yes, I remember them- just don’t become trouble-makers, alright?! I can trust you to keep them under control though,” she jokes. 

Then Haylee and Lily walk in, with Dylan and David right behind them. They all wave and say hi to Dr. Felix, and proceed to suffocate me with more hugs. We all find a place to sit and I’m laughing when Angel walks in. He looks uncomfortable to see me. The only seat left in the section that I was sitting in with my friends happened to be right next to me, although there were other seats in other sections. Yet he decides to sit next to me. Great, now I gotta deal with this too? That’s- you know what? Whatever. I’ll just forget about it. I won’t let it bother me…

That class and all my other ones couldn’t have gone by quicker in my opinion. Before I knew it, it was lunch. I immediately run to where the group usually eats lunch, in one of the cafés. I go to open the door and step in. 

I’m faced with people. Lots of them. I see everyone laughing and sitting down already. One person looks up and glances at me. Angel. Of course. I start to have a panic attack and as a result, spin around and walk right back out of the room. I start to walk down the stairs.

Before I even put one foot on the first step to go down, someone grabs my arm. I turn around and it’s Dylan. David and Lily are right behind him. He steps back, with a look of shock on his face. 

“Stel- are you okay? We saw you run out of the lunchroom and your face is pure white right now.”

“I- uh-” I can’t even manage to get a sentence out and I burst into tears. Again. For the second time in one day. David gives me a gentle hug and pats my head. “You’re gonna be alright, it’s okay. C’mon and just come sit with us, okay?”

“Okay…” I reply reluctantly, and follow the trio back. I sit down at a chair a little bit away from the rest of the group, with my backpack in front of me. I’m squeezing it really tight, praying for the time to go by quickly. 

Then all of a sudden I get a text message. Who could that be… I think to myself. I look down to check my phone and see that it’s- Tim? But like- he’s right there, why can’t he just get up and talk to me?

“Hey… Can I talk to you after school? It’s really important to me…”