The Apple of My Eye by snmurillo25 July 11, 2021

Chapter One - Stellina

“STEL! Wake up; it’s time for school!!” my mother screams to me from across the house.

I roll over on my bed, onto my stomach. I glance at my alarm clock on the nightstand. It’s already 6:30?! I don’t wanna get up… damn I hate school! I flip back over onto my stomach and stuff the pillow over my head. 

A few minutes later, I manage to get up off of the bed and walk to the bathroom. I wash my face to help myself wake up, then brush my teeth. I walk to my room and into my closet. Eww, I really hate these stupid uniforms… why do they have to be this bright blue teal color? Like, can’t they at least be a dark navy blue or black instead? I throw on one of the stupid polos, then a pair of black jeans. I grab my choker and put it on, then proceed to grab all the rest of my jewelry. I have my numerous rings, which I slip onto my fingers. I grab my chain and another necklace and toss it on, then grab a couple of my bracelets and put them on my wrist as well. 

I walk to my dresser and sit down. I stare at myself in the mirror, wondering what to do with myself. My hair… what should I do; it’s a mess! I guess I can do some Dutch braids? Yeah, that sounds good. Then I proceed to do my makeup. Nothing too extra; I don't care to scare anyone on the first day of school... I just stick with a simple look: waterproof black eyeliner with some lip gloss. I slip on my sleek black combat boots, grab my bag, and head out to the kitchen.

“Morning,” I say to my mom when I walk into the kitchen. She is sitting at the kitchen table, fully dressed and ready for work. My little sister is right next to her, having her hair brushed and put up into pigtails, as that was what she begged of my mom to do for her first day the night before. I open the fridge and pull out an apple. I grab the lunch container I made the day before and stuff it in my bag before proceeding to sit down at the table and eat my apple.

“That’s all you’re going to eat?” my mom asked me while still trying to keep my wiggling sister from moving around too much. “Ya. I’m not that hungry, anyway.” I replied. Then my phone buzzes. I look at it, surprised to see a message from my best friend Liliana:



“You ready for school today? Please tell me you’ll be here early”

“OMG I’m so excited I can’t wait to see everyone!!”

Blah blah blah, oh my God why does this girl got to spam me with so many messages at once? Like c’mon, you could’ve fit that all into a single text... I roll my eyes and laugh. Gotta give it to her, though, she’s a ball of energy. 

“Aight, Imma head out-” I say to my mom while making my way to give everyone in my family a hug and a kiss. 

“Wait, wait, wait! Where do you think you’re going? I need a picture!” 

“Ugh, Mom! Fine..” I walk to the front door and stand in front of it with my schoolbag and smile for a picture. I really hate these things- they get posted all over FaceBook and then I have my mom’s friends bringing up stories from when I was really little. It’s always so embarrassing!

I walk out the house and to my car. I’m surprised that my parents actually got me this car. Albeit, it might be a used car, but oh my God, I just love it! It’s a sleek black Ford Mustang. My late uncle had a blue one and when I was little my mom bought me one of those toy cars, and it was a red Mustang. So naturally, I just had to beg my parents to buy me a Mustang when they asked me what kind of car I wanted to learn to drive in. In reality, I would’ve wanted a big truck like my dad, so I just told them that I could learn to drive in my dad’s Suburban or his Silverado. But my mom freaked out and said no, that I’m too short, that I need to learn to drive in a small car, that I can’t drive the “monster trucks,” blah, blah, blah. So I stuck to the sports car. At least it’s a convertible..

I toss my bags in the backseat and hop into the driver’s seat. Damn. Biscayne Bay High School here I come! I lowkey got a little excited. I haven’t talked to a lot of people in quite a while; it’s going to be awkward for me to actually see them in person after such a long time. Plus, I’ve changed a lot since last year. Like a lot. But that’s okay! I like who I am; I just hope that everyone else does, too.

I pick up my phone and proceed to connect it to the stereo. My dad hates me driving with my music on, since he says that I’m liable to get distracted, but I do it when he’s not in the car with me. He doesn’t gotta know, does he? I squeal a little bit when I press the shuffle button on my Spotify playlist and the exact song I wanted came on. I laugh and start to mumble the lyrics while backing out the driveway. 

I get onto the main road and laugh. “Somebody said that I’m a fuckin slum, don’t know that I belong, maybe you’re fuckin dumb, maybe I’m just a bum, maybe you’re fuckin scum, don’t you go pyscho chum, I want you for the world, I want you all the time..Damn, why can’t I stop listening to Glass Animals? I think to myself. Their music is just so good haha… I zone out and get lost in my music during the rest of the drive to school, with not a worry in the world.