The Apple of My Eye by snmurillo25 July 11, 2021

Prologue - Stellina

I pull up to the house in my black Mustang, looking around for a good place to park. After looking around and seeing all the cars smushed together and the drunk party-goers hanging around the scene, I decided to park at the end of the street and walk. There’s no way in Hell that I’m going to let my car get hit, no way in Hell…

As I’m walking down the street, I’m wondering to myself, why am I even here… Yeah, Tim might have asked me if I could come, but like, I don’t even really know anybody here! I know I’ve talked to Johnathan only once before and he was nice to me because I made him laugh (in a good way for once, what a miracle!), but I don’t know him know him. I don’t even know why he would let me come to his party! On top of that, these are all the “cool” kids; I’m looking right at them! I don’t fit in here… I get more and more lost in my thoughts, the worrying taking over me again. Ugh, I hate when this happens!

After walking down the dark street, I finally reach Johnathan’s house. I walk inside, stunned by all the LED lights. There happens to be a set of lights for every color in the damn rainbow almost. They’re pretty, though…

Oh Lord, here comes Ms. Bitchy Brittany…

“Well, well, well. Look who it is.” Brittany smirks at me, that evil look in her eyes. “The nerd! What are you even doing here, dog?” All the stupid girls in her clique begin to laugh, much to my embarrassment.

“Just leave me alone, Brittany-“ I say while trying to make my way around her and her massive group of followers.

“Why should I? I should really warn Miles about you, he doesn’t know what he’s chasing after.” She rolls her eyes, those stupid contacts that make her eyes that ice cold blue color penetrate into the depths of my soul. Why does she have to be so… rude? Like, that’s not even the way to describe it! There are not even words to explain this girl, she’s just so- ugh!

I manage to make my way around her, but she still ends up pushing me. Being the clutz that I am, I almost fall flat on my face. How am I supposed to talk to Miles like this? I don’t even know why Tim invited me to this stupid party in the first place- at least I managed to convince Miles to come. Now he doesn’t know anybody well, being from a different school and all… 

I wander around a little bit, trying to figure out if there’s anyone here that I might know. Oh shit- it’s the man of the hour! Right on time. Miles spots me, then proceeds to walk up to where I’m standing, which, conveniently, happens to be right next to the punch bowl. I’m pretty sure it’s spiked with something, definitely not going to drink it and risk looking like an idiot once I’m drunk.

“Hey Pixie-“ he says while giving me a quick hug. “Oh my God Miles, how many times have I told you don’t call me that in public; it’s embarrassing! The last thing I want is for Brittany to find out about that nickname…” I say while rolling my eyes. Not gonna lie though, I secretly liked that he gave me a special nickname. He’s never called other girls by nicknames before, so I felt special.

“Why, you don’t like being my Pixie Stick, Stellina? Screw what Brittany says, don’t change just because of her. She’s a dumb bitch anyway.” I look at him with that mildly sad look, then start to giggle. Damn him, why does he always have to make me so nervous?!

I drift off into my thoughts, only for him to pull me out of them. “C’mon Stel, I made friends with some of the guys and they said they wanted to play Spin the Bottle, let’s join them…”