Just a Buncha Poems by Baik_710 February 11, 2021

Just A Few Days

A few days,

That’s all it takes,

For worlds to collide,

For stars to align,

For all the signs,

To come together,

Or tear apart,


Companionship is beautiful,

It’s merit and value forever cherished,

It’s failure is almost indistinguishable,

A few days,

That’s all it takes,

For a sliver to open up, 

And become a chasm,

That will swallow your very being,

Leading to a break in connection,


These few days,

Are all it takes,

To bring down armies,

Topple governments,

And shake a person to their very core,

All it takes are a few days,

For complete immobilization,

Like a poison pulsing throughout the body,

Reaching the heart,

Stopping it dead,


A few days,

That is all it takes,

That is all it takes to destroy,

To build,

To raze,

To repair,

Just a few days