Just a Buncha Poems by Baik_710 February 11, 2021

Dark Clouds

They lurk on the horizon, barely in view,

Until they’re already upon you,

The light fades and darkness rises,

For the briefest moment day turns to night,


Then a loud low grumble,


As if Goliath has returned to this Earth,

As if Atlas has thrown down his burden,

And Zeus is threatening an inevitable end,

There is a flash of bright white day,

Then a return to night,

A drum beat plays on the rooftops,

A ratatatat

As drops collect,


Another grumble from a hidden beast,

Another flash of bright white,

And the drumbeat picks up pace,

The wind joins now,

Playing its own mournful song,

Whistling in the ears of all who will listen,

Changing the flow,

Of the cacophonous symphony