Assassin's Bane by GraecusRomanus January 27, 2021


“Someone help, anybody there, help!” the intercom blared with a girl’s voice. “Umm... mayday, mayday? Blast it, I’m in trouble, for Tarak’s sake!”

His crew gave him an incredulous look as the girl released another string of expletives that made his ears ring. Except the pilot, he just snickered.

He waited for her to finish her tirade, thinking, She would have made Sergeant Jones blush. He chuckled at the thought, and then winced as she took it up a notch.

“Well, thank you for those beautiful images,” he said interrupting. “Mayday acknowledged, what is your location and status?”

“Alba System, Sector H13, Covor Asteroid Mine.”

What the heck is she doing in gray space, especially in Alba? Didn’t she have secured systems to mine in? He shook his head.

His navigators acknowledged and processed the location. The pilot turned the ship to the blinking display on his HUD in such a manner that would have given the instructors a heart attack and made them proud at the same time.

“Location acknowledged. What is your status?”

“I’m under a lot of fire from a whole bunch of metal demons!” the girl screamed back.

He struggled to control himself, but eventually civilly replied, “Please do not panic. We are currently routed towards your location. We are just one wormhole away. What is your situation, and please be specific?”

“I’m under attack by pirates and rogue Omega Class TG-Assault Drones.”

A pause. His weapon’s team fired up their HUDs.

“Now get me out of here, you prokaryotic, oxygen-deprived half-wits!”