Forbidden Love by Selena Zheng December 31, 2020

Project Pt.2

It’s been a week that we’ve been working on this project. Today is the last day to work on it and tomorrow is the presentation.

“Thomas, you got all the slides and info save to your drive?” Jimmy asked.

“Yep, all done.”

“Let’s check one more time, to see if there’s any error,” I suggested.

All of us checks the slides again and everything is perfect.

“Let’s go get lunch, all of us might be hungry,” I said.

“We sure are,” Jimmy replied.

“I have other business to do, so you guys can go,” Thomas said.

“Okay,” I replied.

The employees, Jimmy and I went out while Thomas is still in the office.

Someone’s POV


“Yes, I did what you asked.”

“Perfect, he is definitely going to lose this time.” “Continue following the plan.”

“Yes sir.”

End of POV

The next day arrive and Jimmy and I went to the place to present our project.

We walk in the office and went to the room. There we saw Thomas standing there, sweating.

“Oh, hey there Thomas!” I yelled.

“Oh hey,” he replied nervously.

“Why you sweating?” Jimmy asked.

“... I’m nervous, I don’t want us to lose this amazing project we’ve been working on for o long.”

“Ahh, I understand, no need to be nervous,” Jimmy replied smiling.

We heard a group of people coming in and we turn to them.

“Hello everyone, ready for the presentation?” an old man asked.

“We are, you?” Jimmy asked.

He nodded and signal his hand for us to sit down.

“Why don’t you young people go first?”

“Of course.”

Jimmy takes out his laptop and open his drive. He open his eyes wide.

“Jimmy is everything okay?” I asked nervously.

He hands me his laptop and I’m shock to see that the slides were missing. 

“Jimmy did you accidentally delete it yesterday?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t even touch it. After we went out for lunch, I didn’t touch my laptop.” 

Thomas is looking at the old man smiling, but neither Jimmy and I saw him. We were stressing out until something pop up to my head.

“Jimmy didn’t we rehearse the slides yesterday night?” 

He lift his head up and smile. “We did and you also print all the slides out because you said I’m a irresponsible person.”

I nodded and I quickly went to my bag, to get the papers out.

“Let’s go present it,” Jimmy and I say at the same time.” 

We smile at each other while Jimmy went to set up the document projector.

We presented our slides, but Thomas was acting weirdly the whole time. I didn’t bother because he’s always weird.

Now it’s the old man’s turn to go. His invention is also the same as ours. Somehow I kept thinking about the abnormal things happening today, that I didn’t even notice they were done presenting until a person starts talking. 

“Both of your project were amazing, but you know that there’s is only one winner, right?” the judges said.

All of us nodded and waited for their decision. “Okay, we have come to a conclusion that... Jimmy’s team win!!”

We look at each other in shock.

“What! What you mean, apparently our project is way better than theirs, the old man proposed.

The judges shook their heads. “You don’t understand, the way they were acting professionally when their slides was gone. I can tell that they really care for this project because they were rehearsing the day before.”

The judges shakes our hand and we smile proudly. The three of us left the office and went to Jimmy’s office.

“That was amazing!! Ahhhhh, I can’t believe we won!!!” I said jumping up and down.

Thomas and Jimmy smile at me, but Thomas doesn’t look happy. “Thomas is everything okay, you seem odd today,” I asked suspiciously.

“I’m fine, it’s just that it was my responsibility to see if the slides was in the drive, but I didn’t check,” he said sadly.

“Thomas it’s not your fault, I mean you didn’t rehearse with us last night, but you still manage to know your part,” Jimmy said assuring him.

Thomas smile and said “I’m so lucky to have you guys in my life.”

There was an awkward silence, so I decided to talk. “Wanna celebrate our victory?”

“We should, I have champagne I will go get it,”Jimmy said.

He came back with the champagne and three winebottlers. 

“Why do you have champagne in your office?” I asked.

“I don’t really know,” he replied smiling.

I nodded at him smiling.

Three of us drink the entire champagne and Thomas suggested we should go home now. We nodded and Jimmy took me to his car and starts driving.

“Jimmy we should take the taxi, your drunk.”

He shakes his head and start driving recklessly.

We arrive home and Jimmy is giggling now and is light-headed, so I help him to get in the house. I manage to successfully bring him to his room and went to get him a cup of water.

When I came back he have fallen asleep.

“Serena, I won’t leave you again, I lov-,” he said in his sleep.

I couldn’t hear him, so I went closer, but he didn’t talk after that.

I sign and went to my room and plop on to my bed and thrifted to sleep.