Forbidden Love by Selena Zheng December 31, 2020

Project Pt.1

Today is the first day to start doing the project. Since we are working with Thomas, I propose that Thomas and his worker should come to Jimmy’s office. He agree and here we are discussing about an invention. 

“Right now we don’t have any ideas, so I think we should brainstorm some ideas and share them,” Thomas suggested.

We hum in response and start working.

We finish brainstorming and now sharing our ideas.

“I like Serena’s idea. We can build a machine  in the garbage place and when all the materials are sort out, the machine can use the ‘trash’ to make to a new product. There would be less landfill and we can make our world better!” Jimmy explained.

“Well we have an idea now, but how can we put that into a presentation?” I asked.

They all nodded in agreement.

“How about one the first slide we make our claim, which is creating a machine that would convert the ‘trash’ into a new product?” One of the employee asked.

“I like that idea, it gives the audience a clear idea on what we are proposing to them,” I reply.

We continue sharing ideas, opinions, and advice until dusk. 

“Everyone worked hard today, we should continue this tomorrow, so you guys may go home and rest,” Jimmy suggested excitedly.

All of them bow and walk out, and now it’s only three of us.

I sat down on the couch heavily and sign. “That was tiring, but fun,” I said.

“We should go home now, and rest, so we can be proactive for tomorrow,” Jimmy said.

We nodded and I went to Jimmy’s car, while Thomas went to his car. 

Jimmy suddenly brake the car and asked, “want to go to a restaurant?”


He starts driving and I ask, “why did you brake the car when you could’ve just ask me while driving?”

“That thought just came up to my brain and the first response I had was braking the car and asking you.”

I chuckled at his answer.

We arrive at the restaurant and order our foods. The waiter then came minutes later and serve our foods. 

“That was scrumptious,” I said after finishing my food.

“Indeed,” Jimmy said. “Want to have dessert?”

“Nah, I’m too full.”

Jimmy smile and call the waiter. 

He pay cash and we got up to leave.

“Sir, your change!” the waiter yelled.

“Keep it,” Jimmy reply. 

The waiter smile widely and wave us goodbye.

“So generous,” I said.

We arrive home and I got ready to go to bed. 

Someone’s POV

“Yes sir, the plan is going smoothly so far.”

“That’s good, keep updating me whether it’s good or not.”

“Yes sir.”

End of POV