Forbidden Love by Selena Zheng December 31, 2020


The next morning, I came to encounter Jimmy cooking?! He put down our foods and continue eating.

”Serena, is there something going on between you and Thomas?”

I look at him and said, “what you mean?” even though I know what he met.

“Thomas called me and ask, “are you okay?”

“It’s not that important.”

He didn’t reply, so I look up and he have a serious expression. 

“Fineee, Thomas knew that old man was my father, but he never told me, so I got angry and felt betrayed, so that why I was crying yesterday. Happy?”

“Are you going to meet him?”

“I don’t know.”

“Just go and see what else they got to say.”

“I don’t want to.”

Jimmy then drag me out the house and take me to his car. He starts the car and starts driving.

He stop the car and we were at the man’s house.

“What are we doing here?”

He ignore me and pull me out the car. He knock the door and Thomas came. 


Jimmy just pull me in and told Thomas to call the man. The man came down

and Jimmy told me to sit down and listen to him, while he waits in the car.

“Jimmy, you can just sit down, don’t need to wait in the car,” the man said.

Jimmy nodded and the man starts talking.

“Serena, I’m very sorry.”

“Can we just get to the point?”

The man nodded and continue talking. “When Thomas was 4 months old, you came a year later. Your mom died due to cancer, and I didn’t have money to support you two, so I put you two in the orphanage. Years later, I got a call saying you two were adopted. I was happy and I started my own business, and I am, opulent and seeing my two children.”

I look to his eyes, and saw sadness and sincerity.

I nodded and hug him tightly.

“I’m sorry, Serena.”

“No, I’m sorry Dad, I’ve should’ve listen to you and Thomas, and being stubborn.”

He let go of me and said, “what did you just call me,” he said happily.

“I'll call you Dad,” I said smiling. “Actually you should thank Jimmy for this, he drag me here, so you can explain,” I said looking at Jimmy.

“He’s a nice guy,” Dad said.

“He is, and he is my childhood friend.”

“I know, Thomas told me about him before.” “He also told me that you guys ran away due to abuse step parents?”

“Yea we did.” I tried to change the topic since I don’t want to talk about it so I asked, “Thomas why are you here so early?”

“Well, I’m actually staying here forever now.”


“Are you going to live here?” Thomas asked.

“Probably not.” I look at Jimmy and he looks like he wants to say something. "Jimmy do you want to say something?"

“Well, kinda. Ser-ser-I wa-want to- f it, do you wanna live in my house?” Jimmy asked looking at me nervously.

I look at him surprised. “What you mean?”

“I mean Thomas is going to live here, and you are going to be alone, you might be in danger, especially your step parents are back.”

I look over at Thomas and he nodded his head.

“Okay,” I said smiling.

Jimmy smile and told Thomas and Dad goodbye.

We went back to my house and pack all my clothes, then I unload all my clothes in an empty room at Jimmy’s house.

“Your dad is nice huh?”

“I don’t really know, but so far yes.”

“Are we going to the office today?” I asked.

“Do you want to?”

“It’s your business, why you ask me if I want too?”


We stay in silence for a few minutes, when Jimmy told me we should go to the office. He drives to the office and he saw a paper on the table.

He opens it, and a smile form on his face.

“Why you smiling?”

He hands me the paper and I start reading.

“Wow, we are doing a project with this company and paring up with Thomas!”


“Are you going to sign it.”

“Sure, it’s a amazing opportunity, why not take it?”

“True, but are you sure?”

“What you mean?”

“The paper states, whoever loses this project would lose their business.”

“I never lose,” he said confidently.

“I like that confidence.” 

We work until noon and went home. I was too tried, so I just went to bed.