Forbidden Love by Selena Zheng December 31, 2020

The Next Morning

My alarm went off, so I wake up.

“Today is the day.” I stand up and walk to the bathroom to get ready. After 45 minute I’m all done. I walk downstairs to see my brother placing the foods. I walk over to take a seat as he place the plate on the table.

“Morning,” I said.

“Morning to you too, my lovely sister.”

I chuckle.

We start eating as Thomas ask “are you nervous?” 

I shake my head. 

“Good, I believe you would get in.” He said confidently.

We finish eating and I went to grab my keys while my brother wash the dishes. I walk out and head to the place. 

I walk in the office and the front desk lady ask me, “Who are you finding?” 

“I came here for an interview.” 

“Go that way,” as she pointed to my right where the elevator was. “Then go to floor 27.”

“Thank you.”

I walk to the direction, went to floor 27 and there was only one room, so I went over and knock on the door.

“Come in!”

That voice, it’s so familiar. Who is it? I thought.

I walk in and sit down, but I couldn’t see his face since he’s facing down. 

“Um my name is Serena an-“ I flinch when he looks up with wide eyes.

I stiffen it my place. It’s really him, I reflected to myself.