Forbidden Love by Selena Zheng December 31, 2020

Serena and Thomas

It’s about 6 p.m. as the moon illuminated. I walk down the path of the park reminiscing about my parents. “I know they abuse me, but why?” “Why can’t I remember?”  I saw a nearby bench, so I walk over to sit down. I sign. I close my eyes for a few minutes and open them. I saw a person’s silhouette, and squint my eyes to get a better view, but the figure was still vague, but I know it’s a man. I give up and look at the clear blue river on my right. I turn back to where I saw the figure, but he was gone. I had a suspicious look, but shrug off.

Ring, ring, ring, my phone went. I look at the caller ID, it’s my brother. I pick up the call and he say dinner was ready. 

I head back home and smell the delicious foods coming from the kitchen. I walk toward the kitchen and saw my brother finishing up the foods. 

“Your home,” he said smiling.

I smile back and bring the plates to the table. We both sit down and start eating.

“Thomas, I want to have a job,” I said confidently.

“No,” he said coldly.

“Why! I’m a grown woman, and I don’t need you to be the one to work and take care of me!” 


He look up at me and sign. “Under these conditions.”

I smile widely, “what is it?”

“The job have to be near the neighborhood, and you can’t come home too late.” 

“That it?!” I said jumping up from my seat.

“What? You want me to change my mind,” he said as a smile form on his face.

“No, I thought it would be something more than that.”

He smile. “Sit down and eat your food.”

“Yes brother.”

We finish eating dinner and I help my brother wash the dishes. I run to my room and jump onto my bed. I grab my phone from my night drawer and went to find the job that my brother would approve. I was scrolling for about 30 minute when I found one. 

“We need a secretary for the boss,” stated at the bottom. I look at the location and it is just a few blocks away from my house. I apply and they say I can go there to do a interview.

I ran to my brother’s room and open it without knocking. 

“Hey Thomas I found a job that adequate your requirements.” I said excitedly.

“Nice, tell me where is it and what they need.”

“They need a secretary and the job is just a few blocks away, and they are going to interview me tomorrow.” 

He look up and smile. 

I know that smile and I run over to hug him. “Thank you for letting me have a job.”

He let go of me and said, “it’s pretty late, you should go to bed, tomorrow is your big day.” I nodded and walk out, smiling like an idiot.