You Don't Know Jack by Baik_710 November 09, 2020

Chapter 5

A man with the eyes of a demon and the rage of a caged animal? If any other person had told I had looked like that I would have scoffed at them and ignored them, chalking it up to overworking themselves. But this was Frederick Miles. The other half of the firm and my long time friend and partner. There was insurmountable evidence. It was obvious that he was telling the truth, or at least what he believed was the truth. I chose to steer the conversation focus away from myself and onto the prospect of lunch. Frederick's entire body practically sighed with relief and he gladly accepted my offer.


We left our office and set off in what seemed to me like a random direction. When I asked Frederick where we were going to eat he shrugged and said he was following his nose. I chuckled at this, much to the surprise of Frederick who chastised me on how he was a "connoisseur of food" and as such his olfactory sense was tremendously developed. This only made me laugh harder, garnering a small smile from Frederick. I must apologize to the poor people walking around us for we must have looked either mad or drunk out of our minds (an astonishing feat at one o' clock in the afternoon, even for a seasoned drunk). After we had composed ourselves to the best of our ability, we followed Frederick's "nose."


It took us a close to 30 minutes of meandering about before Frederick finally settled on a rather expensive restaurant. We sat down and perused the menu. After much back and forth deliberation with each other and with the waiter, we settled on a mutton stew with some freshly baked bread. I must say, Frederick does have impeccable taste. The mutton was the most tender I have ever had. The soft, warm nature of the bread complementing perfectly with the rich and flavorful stew. I told him as much, patting him on the back and complimenting his superior tastes. He shook his head and smiled. We had a good laugh, until the bill arrived. When I saw the total amount, my jaws dropped and I  stuttered with disbelief. I mean, I knew it would be a rather high price but this higher than I expected. I paid, of course, to the distress of my purse. I always keep my word.


We left the restaurant in a better mood than when we had sat down, Frederick more than I. As we walked back to our firm I felt the onset of a rather fearsome migraine. By the time we had made it halfway back, my head felt like it was being split open. Frederick could clearly see my anguish and worriedly asked me what was wrong. I simply shrugged him off, saying that I had a migraine and that it would pass soon. These words just barely left my mouth when I promptly threw up my lunch. I ended up in front of my own home, Frederick helping to walk.

"You should take a leave of absence. An indefinite one." Frederick said, unlocking my door for me. I pushed him away, nodding at his request. I closed my door, giving him some assurances on my condition and waving him away. I managed to lock my door and made it halfway up my stairs before I collapsed from the sheer amount I had endured up to that point. I can vaguely recall a jolt of panic shooting through pain-addled mind that I was going to miss my appointment. That was my last thought before I completely lost consciousness. My final resting place, if you will.